Difference between tier 3, tier 4 and tier 5

What is the difference in scope of a tier 3, tier 4 and tier 5 background check? For instance, at what point are references (does this include landlords, family and past managers?) merely mailed INV forms as opposed to phone interviews, as opposed to inperson interviews?

This is starting to creep into processes that should not be discussed.

It appears you are trying to time/game the system. It normally doesn’t work. List your employments as required, list your supervisors, list the actual reason you left the employment, and list any problems encountered, using the questions on the form, as required.

Yes, I read the form; however, given that this is a serious TS background check, if I do not have all of the information available or if the policy (such as Walmart) is to never cooperate with any investigator, it’s imperative I know what I am getting into. Thank you for your help.

You’re asking far too many questions. It simply looks suspicious.

You can either go through the security process and answer only what the questions ask for, or you can withdraw your application and remove yourself from the security process and stop asking so many questions across so many threads.

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Walmart’s policy is never to cooperate with any investigator? I dont think that is true… however many employers do have a policy of not providing any information on former employees beyond confirming the dates that a person worked there.

I’m sure investigators are able to get the information they need. Anyway here is a link to some public information on the different types of investigations, but it does not go into too much detail on how the various ‘tiers’ differ

Federal Investigative Standards CrosswalkJob Aid from the DCSA web site

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Yep. Be open and honest and or just stay away.

The government needs honest people, not perfect people.

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