Do I have all I need for a clrearance?

So, long story short I had to turn down a job with Customs & Border Protection that required a security clearance (SSBI I think).

Now, seeing how I was found qualified for a security clearance, can I use that to my advantage and apply to jobs that require such a clearance? I would hate it to go to waist.

I don’t know if it is a T3 or T5 or if it was adjudicated or not. But, I have read that my BI can be seen in Scattered Castles/JPAS. Is this true? Can I indicated that I have passed a security clearance on job applications?

Sorry, I am not familiar with security clearances and how they work. Any info would be very appreciated.

You cannot claim to have been cleared or have a favorable background investigation completed on any job application if you were never put in the job. Whoever may hire you will conduct reciprocity checks to see if there is an investigation they can use to meet the job requirement.

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Marko is correct. Keep in mind the shelf life of the BI. Different agencies will allow and use various pieces of a previous BI for their clearance. You can indicate you were previously subject to the BI…and they may be able to see it. But unless you punched the clock it was never put in motion.

Also, CBP do their own BIs (using contractors) meaning - your investigation might not be in JPAS. I don’t know it would end up in SC as CBP is the wrong community for a new CBP employee.