DoD employees with revoked clearances despite favorable hearings

I would like to hear from former DoD employees who had their security clearances revoked. If your clearance was revoked despite a favorable recommendation from DOHA, I definitely want to hear from you.

My clearance was suspended due to ‘use of countermeasures’ on a polygraph, even though the job that required that device kept me around for a year before I left to another agency that did not have the polygraph requirement. I had a hearing and the judge concluded that I had not used countermeasures and recommended my clearance be restored.

However, the security board stated that ‘I denied using countermeasures, then admitted to using them, therefore we agree with the administrative judge and your clearance is revoked.’ Yes, the argument is bunk, but they have the power so they don’t have to care.

Not only do I want to hear if your clearance was revoked despite a favorable recommendation, I want to hear if in the final letter, they claimed that the admin judge recommended revocation.

Did you admit to using them?

Funny thing, I initially stated that I had not. However the polygrapher refused to accept my statement and ordered that I change it to an admission.
Lesson learned: for anyone going through a polygraph, you can have a lawyer present. If I had one, it would have ended differently

It’s kind of ridiculous in 2019 we still use the machine that has been shown time and time again to be useless other than for interrogation. What boggles My mind even more is that operators are allowed to pressure people into saying they used countermeasures when they don’t (not the first time I’ve heard of this, including in my old IC).