Old revoked clearance issue


I started a job with the DOD for departement of the navy as a civilian oct. 1, 2018. I have a revoked clearance from 03/2008 that states sexual behavior steming from an investigation that was closed 12/2007 and no disiplinary action was given just a 6105 stating the incident in my record jacket. The rational on my JPAS states fail to respond to statement of respose LOI, which is true i did nothing to reslove the issue many yesrs ago just moved on I had no idea at the time what an impact this would have moving forward. It is weird how i renlisted on a revoked clearance that same year and served another four years with honorable discharge in oct. 2013. I have a clean record othan this incident (not chargered in civilan world or military) have been working with a lawyer and filled out my new sf-86 last week and checked yes for revoked clearance and wrote a caveat prepared by my lawyer in the section. Other than that my record is clean.

My reinvestgation is a tier3 reinvestigation, did fingerprints and it was sent to opm last week now I am just waiting to see what happens.

My questions is can I expect to get denied interim? I feel I will for pass my final investigation and be able to migiate my past infactions, but that could take long time. I need a cac access to work on my unclassified computer, my boss siad they are wiling to wait and Im the guy they want, not sure how far that will carry me they are trying there best for me and they know about all this prior to taking me on.

Probably will be denied interim, yes. Check DOHA cases to see if there is a similar case. All cases are online. We can’t say for certain if you will get your final clearance or not. The problem is that question is a “Have you ever…” question and those questions are problematic.

You took the right path. I believe not being denied re-enlistment is a big mitigation. Living clean since…another mitigation…10 years since…big mitigation. Seeking a lawyer to write the letter…smart. I too would think the interim would be denied until they scope the incident. If there is no “there” there…then there is nothing to worry about. Obviously you did not hide the revocation. Also good.

I have to join the “there’s no way that you get an interim” group . . . I believe that means that you will not be able to get a CAC either.

I am being told by the “security specialist” that once the investigation opens in jpas my saar form will be signed and my cac card will be certified. I currently have a cac card just not certied.

Keep us posted. With DBIDS used on most military bases to scan all CAC cards it is fairly easy to shut off base access now.