DoDCAF decision timeline


I’ve been waiting on a Secret clearance now for over three years. Investigation closed in late 2015. Received an Independent Psych Eval Interrogatory in October 2017. Psych eval was a month ago today.

Any ideas as to what the timeline is now once DoDCAF receives the results from that evaluation? This whole thing is making me really worried and bringing on a lot of anxiety. I’ve been working for three years in my current position with a interim clearance. Cannot afford to lose my job now.


Maybe you can find some hope in the fact that your interim has not been revoked, which has happened to some other folks. Unfortunately I don’t think we can offer any more detailed timeline.

Why did you mention DODCAF? Was the evaluation requested by them?


Isn’t it DoDCAF that request that information? I received an Interrogatory from them for the psych eval. Who else would request it?


That is indeed a very long time. Sounds like you had a very complicated case?

I believe an interrogatory means that it is in the final stages, but it’s impossible to say when you’ll receive the decision. I would guess maybe a few more weeks to months?


Not sure if it is complicated. I had some issues with the law, but it’s been nearly 15 years. Misdemeanors and one felony chaegw, but not a conviction. Other than that everything looks good. No credit issues.


It seems, to me, that any case that involves a psych eval is going to take some time. Depending on the specific issue, they may want to allow some time to go by, monitoring the troublesome behavior, before going ahead with a final determination. I THINK that this works in your favor. If they were going to dump on you, they would have done so quickly. The fact that they are monitoring your progress leads me to believe that they expect to approve you if there are no relapses in behavior.


Saturday marks two months since the psych eval. The psychologist said it would take him about a month to get the results back to DoDCAF. Still waiting for the decision…