DOE Q License

My son is a recent graduate and US citizen. It’s been almost 1 year since his employer applied for his security clearance and he is still waiting for adjudication. On inquiry, he was informed the file has moved to adjudication. He has clean record of drugs / alcohol / credit problems etc. Initially his employer applied for L license but upgraded to Q without giving employment. This has made the wait long without employment. He also spent all his childhood and schooling in our care in India. Not sure if this is causing delay. Our question is how to know status of adjudication and when will we see the light of the day ?

Seeing as how you raised you son in India and seem to have a vested interest in whether your son gets granted a clearance, there are probably foreign national concerns that have been difficult to verify and resolve. If the company FSO has not been able to contact DISCO to find out what the hold-up is, then there are really no other course of action to take.