Does a non-DOD investigation see JPAS "unadjudicated - loss of jurisdiction"

JPAS is used by the DOD. If an individual were to apply with a different agency, directly or for employment as a contractor, (DHS, DOJ, DOA, DOE, etc) if the status in JPAS is “unadjudicated - loss of jurisdiction”, would a non DOD entity see that since they use systems other than JPAS?

In other words, would a public trust investigation for another agency out side of the DOD see a “loss of jurisdiction” in JPAS? Would it even matter for a public trust?

JPAS is tied in to CVS, which is the system used by non-DoD agencies to verify investigations and clearances. If it was not adjudicated it would not show up in CVS, therefore the agency would have to request a copy of the closed investigation and adjudicate themselves or initiate a new meet the position requirements.

What if the previous DOD clearance in “unadjudicated - loss of jurisdiction” were to lapse (over six year from the last investigation)? If the person applied for a job with a non-DOD entity, and a new investigation was required, would they still request the previous DOD investigation or see the “unadjudicated - loss of jurisdiction” status in CVS? Would it pose a problem in that case, or would they request the previous expired investigation?

A new investigation would be initiated. However, you should be aware that the previous investigation will be sent to the new agency as a part of the checks on the new one.