Current Cleared Employee- Loss of Jurisdiciton?

I am currently employed on the OPM contract and applied for a different job with a different company; the job requires an Active Top Secret Clearance. A few weeks prior to this, I filled out the disclosure forms for a Top Secret clearance on the OPM Contract (NBIB)- my current job; I was then told that I have a Top Secret clearance.

Today, I was told by the prospective employer that JPAS was checked and I have a Loss of Jurisdiction as of 10/2017; how is this possible when I am still working on the OPM contract and recently got a TS clearance as of 07/2018?

My favorably adjudicated SSBI was completed in 06/2016 and the prospective employer stated that the Loss of Jurisdiction is due to “falling out of scope” in 10/2017.

I find this confusing. Any clarification would help.


JPAS is a DoD system. OPM’s system is the CVS. You would not be in the DoD system (JPAS) unless you needed access for specific DoD facilities or programs. NBIB contract investigators do not routinely hold a clearance although they are adjudicated to T5 standards

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True. I am aware that most BIs do not routinely get clearances. However, I filled out the classified info disclosure form and was told I was granted a Top Secret clearance in 07/2018; this is due to a specific role on the contract.

According to the Security Dept, this is for DoD work. Also, wouldn’t a LoJ mean that I atleast once had a clearance?

Any insight would be beneficial. Thanks.

It depends which contract you received your clearance/NDA. There are more than one security clearance database - even for DoD agencies.

I can’t attempt to guess at the LOJ in JPAS because of the variables.