Does parental history influence?

My 25 yr old child is in the process of completing a e-Qip Questionnaire for a federal background check for a new job. I’m concerned that my poor credit history and previous chapter 7 bankruptcy might hurt his chances and also his father was brought to court for unpaid child support and had a bench warrant issued because of the unpaid support. His father his since repaid the outstanding support, but my credit is still not great. My child has no idea of any of this. Do you think that will hurt his chances for passing this clearance??
I’m a nervous wreck about it. If anyone has previous experience with the relatives portion, an insight would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you!

I’m not an investigator, but I wouldn’t think it would be an issue. They are presumably interested in applicants’ financial history to determine their general trustworthiness and how much they might be influenced by foreign agents offering them significant money. People who are bad with money present a much better target for foreign influence.

I don’t see a clear path for the faults of parents to roll off onto their children in this case. For reference, both of my parents have horrific credit history and records of failing to pay back loans, delcaring bankruptcy, etc., and none of that was brought up in my subject interview.

I think your child will be fine with applying for a clearance, particularly if that is your only concern.

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You issues have nothing to do with your kid. Nothing, they will not affect him or her in the slightest.


They won’t pull your credit at all. Deep breaths :slight_smile:


Thank you for your response to my concern. I’m just worrying I guess. Your response eased my mind.