Does working as a volunteer at a rescue squad count as a "position directly and immediately affecting the public safety"?

I’m filling out an SF86 for a Top Secret Full Scope with Poly (TS/SCI w/ Poly).

I was a volunteer at a rescue squad while in High School, which is when I tried smoking pot a few times. Of course, I will be disclosing this fully.

The following question is giving me some difficulty.

Was your drug use while you were employed as a law enforcement officer, prosecutor, or courtroom official, or while in a position directly and immediately affecting the public safety?

I’m wondering if this volunteer position counts as a “position directly and immediately affecting the public safety” ? Or does the question only pertain to people who are employed?

Can you all help me out.


I read the question as employment but if you have to poly and it is a unreolved question in your head, I would list. The fewer surprises the better.


List it, talk to it with investigator…and Polygrapher. They can phrase the question to be “with exception to what we discussed…have you ever…” If this is the only application of that metric bothering you…it helps.

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Here is a question about applying to full scope poly positions: for anything old in terms of being outside the scope of what is asked on the SF-86, is it best to bring it up with the investigator early on or wait and discuss with polygrapher when that time comes?

Out of scope 10 years…versus “have you ever”. Clarify each question with polygrapher. They will clarify it for you. Time mitigates most stuff so if you are concerned, trust me they will ask if there is anything to discuss prior…bring it up, let them write questions to it.