Doing Secret level work while waiting on a TS

Hey all, just wanted to double check this so that I don’t screw up my TS process. I was told that once the TS investigation (T5) is complete, I can take that information and go do Secret level work while waiting on the TS adjudication, CI screening/ poly, etc. Is that true? Would an adjudicated Secret interfere with the TS process?

If you’re already cleared at the Secret level, you can work on Secret material and it shouldn’t affect any ongoing BI. Your FSO will know for certain.

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Yeah but I wouldn’t put it past some nitwits to see the ‘adjudication’ and get freaked out! But as long as you are staying at the same place where you are currently cleared ‘secret’ and where you were submitted for the TS, I dont imagine there would be a problem.

Sorry, I didn’t clarify in my original post.

Company A is sponsoring a TS/SCI with a CI poly.

Company B has work at the Secret level.

Can Company B take my BI information and adjudicate for a Secret, without disrupting the overall TS/SCI process? @Defender66 You may have answered this question in a different post, but just wanted to clarify.

Yes Company B can grant you secret access based of your TS/SCI eligibilty…

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It’s not adjudication. The company’s dont adjudicate they just grant access based on your eligibility from a DoDCAF Adjudicator.

Gotcha, thanks. (char limit)

The question is, do you already have an adjudicated Secret clearance?

Being in adjudication for TS does not grant a Secret clearance.