Dormant Secret Clearance

I used to work for a DOD contractor back in 2017. I had a Secret clearance when I worked there, but due to work related injury I had to leave my post. The contractor has now reached out to me for a position that requires a Secret clearance, and I wanted to know if it’s possible to reactivate my clearance? I know it’s been more than two years since I last used it, and that I might need a new investigation. I was wondering how long it usually takes if they are able to reactivate it with updated SF86? They are the one that sponsored my SSBI to begin with. Nothing major has changed since the investigation was last conducted in 2016.

Thank you,

This seems to vary wildly depending on customer, contract, are you on-site, etc etc etc. Strictly speaking you should require a whole new investigation but I’ve heard of people in similar situations who got picked up pretty quickly. At any rate you may be able to start with an interim clearance which takes anywhere from a few weeks to a couple months to ???


Concur. Some agencies will crossover and initiate a new investigation. That is somewhat different than starting fresh and remaining uncleared. I think it routes differently and more efficiently. But each agency follows their own ruleset.