Faster clearance issue time for expired clearance if PSI is still good?


The ClearanceJobs site says, (among other things):

"Currently reinvestigations are required at 5-year intervals for Top Secret clearances, 10-year intervals for Secret clearances, and 15-year intervals for Confidential clearances. In December 2012 new Federal Investigative Standards were approved and are being phased in very gradually. "

OK, I had my PSI in January 2009 for a Secret clearance (for the DOS); I received the full clearance by the end of the month. It was active until July 2011, then it expired in July 2013 (24 months after). So, if a prospective employer wants to sponsor me for a clearance, does that mean it will be (relatively) faster for me to get my interim Secret clearance, as I do not need another PSI?

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Doug Sedon

Negatron, I also had a clearance in 2009 and expired in 2011. Did not matter for my 2015 SF86, been waiting 2 years and I was denied Interim because of a few things on my credit.

If 24 months have elapsed since you last held an active clearance then a new investigation is required in order to grant access to classified information.

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how long did it take them to deny interim? i have no credit issues - +800 credit score.

when i first applied in late december 2008, i got my interim secret in 2 weeks; and full clearance another 2 weeks later.


do you know how long it typically takes to get interim Secret? assuming you have good credit, haven’t killed anyone lately, or met with russian intelligence agents. ;~)


Unknown as all timelines have been skewed with the current state of affairs. Here is what the process is supposed to look like:

I was told anywhere from 14 days to 90 days to be granted interim if you have no issues.

I was told after 4 weeks that I was not granted Interim.

The rule of thumb is a clearance can easily be reinstated within two years of last being “active” as long as the investigation is still “in scope.”

Maybe they will let you just submit an SF-86C listing any changes since your last investigation. But you’ve probably worked other places since then, maybe moved, and heaven forfend you should have traveled overseas…

Well, you get the idea. Think good thoughts.

thanks mike and marko…

doug s.

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well, it’s been more than 2 years since my clearance was active, as i already said. and yes, i have traveled overseas. but that was when my clearance was active, and traveling overseas was a part of the job, which was why i needed the clearance. ;~)


Secret clearance with DoS with overseas assignment? I didn’t even know that was possible. I assumed all overseas assignment (excluding military) automatically required a TS due to continuous interactions with foreign nationals. Of course that is just my theory though

it’s all that was needed for building a us embassy . those that needed to get inside the scif after it was built needed t/s, but those were direct DOS employees.

Likely that will fall under unadjudicated info. And it will require a review and new BI.

That is awesome that you didn’t need the scrutiny of the TS for that.