Interim clearance delay

I recently submitted my SF86 for security clearance first week of Jan, for Department of Army civilian job, i must add i am military service personnel and i got out on from active duty 22 oct 2015 and my secret clearance is still on JPAS just past this Friday. local security officer for some reason they reopen an investigation for another clearance on 22 feb.2017. thus any one have idea why? and also delay in granting me an interim clearance.

When was your last investigation? Secret “should” be good for ten years but who knows. They may grant without actually opening a new investigation but they wanted the updated eQIP/SF-86. Regarding the interim, it is taking several months just to get an interim these days.

My last investigation was done in March 2010, but local security officer said they have to send my file to CAF for adjudication being that the secret I have which is still active on jpas was for the military . So coming as a civilian is different process any truth to that

I have heard of this happening, they want to treat you differently when you become a civilian. I’m also thinking the fact that you had a gap plus the investigation being a few years old doesn’t help.

Is this for a direct hire DA civilian position? Not a contractor?

yes it is a direct hire from DA. this morning i was contacted by the security specialist at the local security office and informed they plan to make a decision on my interim, soon as the supervisor is inn today. what surprises me is why could someone with an active security clearance still need to be granted interim? Am really surprise with the whole process

Do this long enough, nothing will surprise you when it comes to security clearances :slight_smile:

The investigation type is what is at issue here. You had a NACLC done in 2010, back then civilians had ANACIs done, the inquires are what were missing from the NACLC. Add that to the fact that Secret clearances are now five year reinvestigations, it is not surprising that a new investigation would be needed, You should still be able to get an interim if no issues are present.

Yes received an email today that my security is cleared and CPAC proposed July 9 as my EOD. My next question is been that I previously had security clearance from the US Army as military personnel can the same be transferred as a civilian to department of army employee