What is the time frame for DOD secret recently

my timeline for secret DOD I used to have Secret which expired in Jan 2019.

submit sf86 April 1 2019
secret interim denied April 15 2019
Interview completed June 25 2019

You’re moving quickly, but timeframe is hard to estimate right now since the backlog is in a state of change and the shift from OPM to DoD.

I just got mine about a month ago after ~8 months of waiting. Others in my orientation got theirs in 3 months. That seems like a reasonable range to expect. After your interview, there shouldn’t be much else ado.

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Quick reminder, clearances don’t “expire”. This is why most reinvestigations go to the back of the line.

I recently told a DOE contract security manager that when investigators show up shortly after someone submits their periodic reinvestigation SCA that either their area is caught up or there is a good chance that Subject will be leaving soon.

I’m not sure that @harlibra’s is undergoing a reinvestigation, though. If the 10 years was up and he left his cleared job around the same time, or if they had been over 2 years since having a sponsor, then it’s possible that his clearance would be expired at the time he put in his SF-86.

I think Mine was not periodic reinvestigation. My Secret becomes Inactive 2 years ago and then eventually expires in Jan 2019. So it was a new investigation i think. what is meant by “either their area is caught up or there is a good chance that Subject will be leaving soon.”

Very true if you plan on staying at the same employer, working on the same programs.

But if you want to switch jobs, or (if you’re a contractor), work on a different program for a different customer, you may find that in fact your clearance has “expired” even though it hasn’t.

my case is little complex or i may be unlucky. three years ago I switch jobs and started working for DOS as a contractor i have secret for the last 9 years. 3 months ago try to renew my PIV id with the client and found out that my secret has already expired few months ago. it seems my FSO never completed the transfer from previous employer and never bother to check the jpass. the client DOS was also shocked. the client was gracious enough to allow to continue to work on the non sensitive projects as long as i can get a public trust which i did. my fso started a new secret application 3 months ago. i think the reason i was able to get a quick interview is that maybe the DOS is expediting my case behind the scenes but i may be wrong. i talked to a clearance attorney and he said if i sue my company my fso can lost his clearance my company can also lose the license for secret clearances. since they are also sponsoring my new secret so just forgive them. they will also fight in court claiming its not their fault.

Are public trust re investigations being put at the back of the line for Adjudications?

Not to my knowledge - public trust are normally either OPM or agency adjudicated - they don’t go through DoD’s CAF.

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