Dual Citizenship and Public Trust

I am a dual US/Israeli citizen. Born in the United States, naturalized as an Israeli citizen in 1993, returned to the United States in 2000, and have lived here ever since then, albeit all over the USA (IN, KY, WA, CA, CO, TX, PA, LA, MS). I also am eligible for Schedule A Selective Placement (Individuals with Disabilities). I am not willing to give up my Israeli citizenship, I plan on retiring in Israel. Would I be able to work at any level for the federal government? There is a position currently open that I am looking at, it is a “High Risk” Public Trust role using a “suitability/fitness test” with ICE. I am curious to know though in general what I may be allowed to do (i.e. I would still be eligible up to level x), as I am one month away from finishing my MBA; I also have a BSBA in International Management (think cross-cultural communications), and an AAS in IT. It is time I start searching in earnest for post-graduation employment and I would really like to serve the public by working for the US government but if I need to forget it I’d rather know now so as to not expend precious time and resources if I will be automatically disqualified.

Three problems right off the bat:

  1. Heightened risk country involved.

  2. Unwillingness to renounce.

  3. Future plans to resettle within that heightened risk country.

All the other “stuff” mentioned is fluff that most average US citizens with undivided interests have.

I understand. I would have thought Israel being a staunch ally of the US would mean it would not be considered a “heightened risk country” but good to know. I honestly do not see a conflict in wanting to retain Israeli citizenship and work for the US government while still living here in the USA in the type of role I envision myself likely to work in - administrative, and not in a defense or security related capacity. Say for Social Security, or for instance the USDA has quite a few facilities in my area. But, like I said, good to know. Thank you for your reply.

Thats not to say you can’t get a US gov job. A T2 clearance might be easier (basic public trust). Places like the FDA White Oak campus had a bunch of people with various citizenship combinations working there back in 2017.

A position needing level 3 or 4 access TS/SCI situation would be much harder.

Read up on Jonathan Pollard, and you’ll see why Israel is considered a heightened risk country, plus why an unwillingness to renounce and future plans to emigrate may not be viewed favorably.

Contrast that with Brazil’s response to an approach by the Toebbes

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