This is the 1st time ever I’ve had to fill this form out, I’ve never had to do this United States of America background check. This is a job with the department of education.I filled it out best I could with all truthful answers except 1. I’m going to first add my truthful entries. I have a DWI as on March 2017 I went out to a bar with a friend, I wasn’t drinking just soda cuz I was driving. I started not feeling well so I told her I was going home, 5 minutes later I blacked out. I didn’t not remember anything. I woke up at home without my car, was able to locate it in tow lot and it was tottoaled. Few months later recirved dwi warrant in the mail, turned myself in, posted bail to get out. Went to court to find out I had methinphefamine and OxyContin in my system and I ran my truck into the mailbox of someone’s house. I told my appointed attorney what I felt happened, she advised I had no proof so I’d have to plead guilty. So I added those to drugs on my e-qip. Also included I was fired from 4 jobs, 3 of which I was late. And the other I lied cuz I was scared telling them the truth. Which is someone I worked with seen another girl with a prescription bottle in her purse and said we should take it, I did not knowing what it was. It was Vicodin, I was scared to take it so I threw it in the dump at work outside, she reported it stolen they seen me on camera so corporate came and talked to me. They advised if I admitted what I did and just left my file would remain on the ground of a storage unit. I never thought I would have to reveal this information.
On my e-Qip I wrote I got into a disagreement with another co worker.
I just turned this in on Friday, I did not realize how important this is and how they will find out everything. Should I ask if I can add more information on Monday and add another sheet? Talking about my dwi & what I’ve done to better myself from that, along with what good I’ve done. Since that happened 4 years ago? Do you think I have any chance of passing? My credit is ok, not bad. I’m hoping you can please help ASAP! Thank you

You’ve got a lot going on there. It would probably help if you tried to add some more information, but I’m not sure how that works in this electronic age.

I am a little confused because at one point you say the DWI occurred in March 2017 but elsewhere you say it happened four years ago.

I meant that the job I was fired from was 4 years ago. The one where I was fired because of taking a prescription out of someone’s purse, she reported it, & they came and pulled me in the office and gave me the chance to tell the truth. Upon doing that I signed papers & they said it would sit in a warehouse file. They never advised this would be disclosed to anyone else! Now I’m worried I didn’t put this on my eqip, & they will feel I was lying.
Also July 2016 I was living with my bf & he convinced me I was addicted to pain medication I receive from a pain management clinic, I wanted to make him happy so I commited myself. I didn’t disclose this on my eqip, I was honest with my employer at the time. Upon being released I returned to work on new meds, to which not knowing the side affects I fell asleep at my desk, & was fired that day. I never tried to fight it. Should I disclose this info on an attached document, and explain what was done, what I learned , & how I applied this to my life? The other jobs I was fired from I did post and the reason being I was late, not my performance. I didn’t disclose admitting myself & getting the help, as my family & bf felt I had a problem with prescription pills. I went and admitted myself to make them happy. Upon realese I was able to talk to my dr, and we came up with a plan that has has been worked great!
After receiving my dwi I was ordered to a chemical dependency to receive evulation and they felt I didn’t have a problem, but recommended 12 hrs of dui classroom, which I finished in June 2017. Right now I’m working on getting my license back. I have full custody of my daughter and son 17, & 13 so I’m am doing everything I can to make sure nothing like this happened again. Do I offer an explanation of this should I get the chance of being interviewed? Please any help will be appreciated. Do I wait for my interview with the FBI to disclose this info? Do you explain what I have done to make sure this doesn’t happen again? Or will I not be cleared, & not get the job? What are the odds I would need to do a polygraph? Can I change my answers once they’ve been submitted?
This is my 1st time ever doing this, & I didn’t realize the extent of this. No one explained to me, so I did the best I could! I’m VERY nervous, as I don’t want to loose this job! How long will it take for them to contact me for an interview? I’m so scared!
Do I have a chance of containing the department at work and asking if I can add more detailed information? If so should I provide detailed information pertaining to each job I’ve been fired from, the reason, & what I’ve learned?
So I provide detailed information about my dwi, what I’ve done so far & my plans as to what I learned, the seriousness , and what I’m doing to make sure this never happens again?
Should I provide details I admitted myself into an inpatient treatment program, what I’ve learned, & and things I plan to do to make sure this never happens again?
I’m so worried I can barely sleep! As I mentioned this is the 1st time I had to disclose any kind of personal information for security for a job.
Given my facts to you feel I will be denied? Is they anything you can tell me to help me? Do you think I will be denied with the possibility of appealing this?
Do I go in on myself bday & ask if I can add detailed information, or should I wait to hear back?
How long does this usually take?
I’m so scared, I’ve even thought about withdrawing my qqip! PLEASE HELP

First of all, some clarity is needed for exactly what type of background investigation is required for the position you applied to. Which form did you fill out: SF 85, 85P or 86? That will then lead to what was required to be disclosed and consequences for not disclosing it.

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Not to be presumptive here, but I would bet $4 that this Dept. of Educ. clearance will be SF85/P based. That said, Drivingmyselfcrazy, you’ve partially backed yourself into corner here by omitting job firings due to theft of employees property (prescription drugs), drug counseling, omitted DWI, etc…I have not heard of anyone pulling back an already completed security form for revision unless there is technical glitch that requires resubmitting. You won’t be contacted by the FBI, they aren’t conducting your clearance investigation (although the FBI database is searched for criminal activity), it will most likely be an NBIB contract investigator. There is no polygraph. During the interview you may add or update any information you omitted. You must presume that a former employment contacted by inquiry for your work history has the possibility to reveal the reasons for your termination. The notion that they are guaranteed to archive your record of being fired is unrealistic. The best advice I can give you: Remain calm and Be honest about everything going forward (including during the interview). If you want to get on record indicating that you were inexperienced when completing the security form or did not understand the questions, make a simple statement about that when appropriate, but don’t use that as an excuse for not revealing significant issues like DWI’s. Listen carefully to the questions you are being asked, including the time frame for coverage, and provide enough information for clarification. If you want to review some of your documents before the interview so you are clear on dates and events, like who, what, when, where did the Dr. who evaluated you and came up with a plan–what plan? Demonstrate your rehabilitation if that’s what you are trying to explain. Stay calm. Be honest. Work through the next step in the process. And good luck to you.

Yes I’m not sure what kind of form they use.

  1. I did I disclose the 4 jobs I was fired from. The 1st due to being late to many times. The 2nd one being late to many times, the 3rd on I fell asleep at my desk due to a side affect of the meditation my dr put me on, & the 4th I said I had a misunderstanding with a co worker -instead of telling them I stole her pain medication.
  2. I did admit my dwi and I was charged in March of this year, it happened in July of last year.
  3. I don’t owe any real debt, therefore everything should pan out.
    Except 1 think I admitted myself into the hospital in July 2016 cuz my boyfriend at the time convinced me I had a substance abuse problem. This I did not disclose. Given that information what do you think will like my happen?

So during my interview I should not disclose the reason I was fired due to the prescription drugs I took from someone? I should just leave it, &shopworn for the best?
Do you think I will be ok with this background to pass?

I did disclose that I received a dwi in march 2017. I also disclosed that I was fired from 4 jobs. 2 of which I was late, & 3rd was due to falling asleep at my desk because I was not aware of side effects from the medication I was on. 4th one I said I had a disagreement with a coworker.
I did not disclose that I stole a coworkers prescription outta her purse.
Also the job I feel asleep at my desk, I admitted that I checked myself into the hospital to get myself right, as I was very depressed, & my family told them I had an addiction to prescription pills, so I was being treated as a dual one. After my dwi I had a chemical dependency evulation done & they recommend I do 12 hrs dui classroom. I’m on probation for a year, and am working with a hearing officer to pay restitution. I also completed a MADD panel.
Do you think I can contact the job in question & ask for my termination papers?
Do you think I will pass & be able to keep my employment?
Also how long do you think this process will take?
If they deny my clearance do they send a letter to me? Do they ask me to leave my job? Will they give me a chance to appeal the decision?