E-Qip Help!! Relatives Section

I’m almost done filling out my packet but i do not know any information about my father except his first and last name. I estimated his DOB but it is not letting me put unknown for his current address. My father hasn’t been involved in my life at all and i have no idea where he is living. Should I not include my father and then explain why?? Help!!!

List him and fill out what you can. Use a comment section to explain why you don’t know any more info.

They won’t talk to him anyways. They’ll run name checks and what not.

Agreed . . . Estimate his DOB and, if you need to, put your address as his address and explain the situation in the comments. I’m guessing that there’s no one else in the family that might have any information? Is there anybody who is in Ancestry.com or anything like that? That person might at least have a DOB.

By putting your address as his, you will receive anything if they try to mail him a contact form. This will give you a chance to preemptively provide the explanation again. If they don’t require you to enter an address, leave it blank.