E-quip update time and silence

Just wondering what could be the problem of initiating my 5 yr background update from my employer. Most times in the past I just receive it on post and complete/submit with no problems. However this time is scary. My employer after many emails refuses to provide an answer. I’m on post now and nothing… not one response! I’m a contractor with DOS and my first thought is the clearance change over process. On second thought why my company will not initiate it in a timely manner. Clean record and held TS for over 20 years. Could my company just conveniently just not do it for whatever reason? I do understand after my 5 yr date expires, I have two years to begin the 5 yr update… I think! I’ve seen this happen before in my business and if someone is up for their 5 yr update and their company just doesn’t comply or answer. In terms of thinning out the masses.
Any useful info I can use… please respond and leave a post…!! Thanks to all.!

They could be swamped, maybe a new FSO not tracking clearance renewal dates, or any other list of issues. Maybe they are losing the contract? That isn’t a valid reason to not renew the clearance. I am in that boat myself and likely days away from learning who my new company is. As part of the transition process I am required to submit our entire roster to the clearance folks and roll everyone forward on to the new contract. As long as you are actively sitting in a cleared seat your clearance remains active. And you can cross over to others…if you are due a re-investigation, you can still cross over as long as you actively hold the cleared position, you just submit the new SF86 to the new company. The only issue for you is if the company loses the contract, and you are debriefed. If you are well beyond 5 years…once you debrief, you lost sponsorship and you will encounter the non active clearance issue. You would likely know more than anyone if you had a clearance issue yourself. Finances, drugs, criminal acts, etc. If you know you are squeaky clean, and you know the job performance is superb…you should have confidence you are okay. But I get that not all company sites are well managed, and therefor never give you that sense of “belonging.” But if you know there are no clearance or work issues, that only leaves contract competition. Is the contract ending shortly? I would not repeat the questions to your FSO I would elevate through your office chain of command. We do all need look out for our cleared life, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to stay on top of the 5 year TS re-investigation timeline.


Thanks for the response. It’s pretty clear but a few terms you used I’m not familiar with. Like: As long as I’m sitting in a clear seat my clearance remains active. I assume I am but maybe break it down one level.

This is the scenario today: after every completed contract overseas, I’m debriefed by the RSO. My 5 yr update was due a few days ago, nothing from my people and we depart on Saturday. Now, am I fine with going to another company? Sponsorship is then the responsibility of the new company correct? Any problems with my VAR/VRS of either the old company just cancels it and leaves me hanging in then air or the new company should grab it fast?

Again, in my work I’ve seen this and heard of this same scenario being played out over and over and I want to catch it now. You leave post and you’re forgotten! Hahah, strange ways!!

How long is safe for me before I need to be sponsored for my 5 yr update?

Their are so many scenarios it’s really scary.

So, any advice, and things I can do, anyone to sit down with in NOVA would ease my mind.

Thanks for your attention,

You mention 5 years so I assume it is a TS. Once you debrief, if it is under 5 years, you technically have 24 months for another company to crossover the clearance eligibility. If you are really close to 5 years, say 4 years 10 months…and if you debrief…chances are a new company cannot cross you over. In these situations if it is close my client asks for a new SF86. Sometimes they do a quick review and crossover. Other times they cross over but kicks off a full re-investigation. So it is best to try and keep the eligibility dates well under the 5 year mark when transferring. Alas, contract life doesn’t line up with our timelines.

Morning, just a quick question about going through my second 5 yr TS/DOS update and awaiting adjudication. My A/FSO is taking his own good time submitting it after I corrected the mistakes twice. Been sitting in his folder for almost three weeks now and no review or did he submit it to my investigator yet. Says he has no time.!!! Strange!! Now the question is can I depart my job to another contractor with ease? Any restrictions? I think I’m still vetted in JAPS as we speak!! So please be specific on details and not sure if that can work or not in today’s environment of clearances.

Thanks for your attention