Early Reinvestigation (PR)

A couple of years ago, I recall reading a statement in a “Security Clearance FAQ” (clearancejobs.com) that a supervisor could request an early reinvestigation.

Since I can’t find the article, I may have misunderstood. Can anyone shed some light on this, or did I misread it?

A related question: If this is true, can a supervisor request an investigation even if there is no misconduct, criminal activity, financial issues, etc.?


The only thing I ever heard of like this was some kind of re-investigation after the first two years at one of the major IC agencies, the theory being that the first two years was when any major incidents would show up.

If your supervisor (or anybody) reported credible derogatory information, that could lead to an investigation. I don’t think it would count as a re-investigation though.

I am curious to see what other folks more directly involved in personnel security might say.

I worked at an IC agency for few months. I was removed after not completing the poly, even though I never failed it. I was told this was not unusual and went on my way. 2 weeks later, my clearance (TS/SCI) status is Loss of Jurisdiction. 10 months later and two RRU’s submitted, I was given days to resubmit my eQIP even though my clearance was not supposed to expire until 2020. I have never had an incident or issue ever. I would also like to hear from someone more familiar with the process.

This could be an incident in and of itself. No need for you to disclose all the details here (unless you feel like sharing) but there are any number of reasons this could have an adverse affect on your clearance.