Revoked Clearance w/out prior notification

I have previously held a Top Secret Clearance during my 10 year career (Start 8/2008) with General Atomics, San Diego, CA. Having gone through a tenuous period where my seniority and reputation were being undermined by supervisory staff, I was in short, let go. Due to significant changes in the political atmosphere in the workplace and incidents that amounted to a toxic situation installed into the workplace, that I can say by no other than instigated by the supervisory staff. Moving on, I am searching for other employment and over the long process, I allocated a position with very good pay and good benefits. As I was on-boarding, going through the process of viewing videos and company policies, I was then introduced to the HR/FSO. She proceeded to tell me that my clearance had been revoked. I was now in complete shock, hearing this for the first time since I was terminated from General Atomics 1/2019. I have had no involvements either criminally, used illicit drugs nor any type of activity that would have lead to my security clearance revocation. Now as I attempt to ascertain what was reported and the why of it, I am now in a precarious situation of even being able to now appropriately work the position that I worked so hard to acquire after numerous interviews and rejections. Now I am in need of determining what I can do to have my clearance reissued and clear up this entire mess. The thought that my previous supervisors at General Atomics would stoop so low as to tarnish what was left of any reputation I worked hard to achieve, with making a reporting to have my clearance revoked. Of course, now I don’t put it past them to perform such an underhanded task knowing what they are capable of installing into the workplace to promote a hostile atmosphere.

It doesn’t appear that your clearance was “revoked” . . . It’s more like it “expired”.

You’re clearance was good for ten years, not forever. Had you stayed with your previous employer, they often go well past the ten year mark while performing the reinvestigation. You should have been in a reinvestigation when you were let go and, I assume, that your employer didn’t continue the investigation.

Your new employer can not reactivate your expired clearance. You will need a complete new investigation. It’s up to them if they want to sponsor you and wait out the process.

BTW: I don’t think that it is a great idea to come here knocking your previous employer. It doesn’t help your case so it can only be neutral or negative.

Dear Sir,
I believe that blogs are a venue for venting issues and hopefully receiving constructive advice from others having had similar circumstances. Whether I knock my previous company or not is really my option. Having gone through the experience and it was a TS not a S. Whether it was that time period for reviewing and reinstating, the fact remains that an FSO attempting to reactivate (reinstate) my clearance came across the notification that a report had been submitted causing the “Loss of Jurisdiction” status and NO “SOR” was issued or received. At least the opportunity to have received an SOR and give response, was omitted and due process was negated. There were no such issues that would have warranted a reporting submitted to the clearance issuing authority, i.e., DOD, DHS, DSS, OPM, etc. from my previous company’s FSO.

I appreciate your response and hope to receive additional helpful insight in direction towards resolving my current issue.

Thanks again.


Based on what you have written your security clearance was NOT revoked. LOJ means you are no longer in a position that requires a clearance. If there was an additional incident report filed then a review would need to happen before DCSA would reinstate. I advise you go back to the FSO that gave you this information and ask for clarification as it is likely they may have thought your had an active clearance when they offered you the job.

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Dear Sir,
Marko, thank you for your response. I am attempting to do just that and your insight and information has indeed been useful and appreciated.

Thanks again.



For what it’s worth, I don’t really care what you have to say about your former employer in ANY forum. This site is about getting advice on your clearance. What happened with your former employer is rarely relevant.

Yes, your clearance was TS, not S. My mistake. But, you don’t say when your last TS periodic investigation was completed and I still expect that it is out of date. Other than that, it doesn’t really invalidate anything that I said.

Best of luck to you.

Unfortunately it would not be the first time I’ve heard of something like this. I wonder if maybe security people are not “terminating” people correctly in JPAS/DISS when they leave the company, and inadvertently creating an ‘incident.’ Since I know nothing about the nuts and bolts (or ‘buttonology’) of the system I have no idea how this could happen, but sometimes we assume malice when its really just ignorance or just an honest mistake.

Unfortunately, in my limited exposure to such cases you can’t really do anything until you get another company to sponsor you and in this situation it will probably require a new investigation as @EdFarmerIII said. Hopefully that “HR/FSO” person can add some info as @Marko suggested, but I would not hold out much hope.

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Marko, since my last entry, I have attempted to contact previous FSOs requesting an SOR. Alas, no responses. The FSO of my new company cannot access the reporting from 12/11/2018, the website access just states that a report was made and the current clearance status is LOJ. Do you have further insight that could clear this up?

Thank you sir for your advice. I can understand that if my TS was coming up for review (w/in 5 year period) and my previous company was aware of the timing and submitted a report reflecting that there would be no need to review and re-instate, that my clearance would be then put in a LOJ status (as @Marko responded). But the one thing the new company’s FSO/HR person was able to see only that a report had been submitted, not what was contained w/in that report or SOR. And you may be correct as you state, an honest mistake, but the contents of the report, not being known, do raise many questions and suspicions run wild. Thank you for your input.

As long as there is no “incident” that is one less thing to worry about. But now you have to find an employer who will have unclas work for you to do while your investigation is running its course. There is a chance that somebody can pick your clearance up while you are still in the two-year window since you were last actively cleared but I dont know how likely that is.

You can’t request an SOR from your FSO. That’s not how an SOR occurs. Your company has nothing to do with SORs. LOJ is a common status when you have not been working in a cleared position.

When is your periodic review scheduled? What were the dates of your prior investigations? The only date that you have provided is August 2008. That’s 12 years ago which, even allowing for six years between investigations, leaves you possibly in need of another.