Electric car for BI work

Anyone contractors use an electric car to do the job? Since we do alot more more work I’m thinking of making the switch and wondering if it would be cost effective.

I don’t use an electric car but I think depending on the area you work in, it could be cost effective. If you work in a rural area then I think it will suck.

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I took a serious look at options a year ago when I was in the market for a vehicle. For my area, (rural) full electric was not an option, as most had a 250 to 300 range. I am 30 miles from the nearest charging station, and there are not many options other than installing a charger in my garage. That cost, plus the fact that I at times drove over 250 miles in a day, dissuaded me.

I opted to go with a hybrid. An average of 46 mpg, at times topping 50 mpg.

It was the best option for me. If I lived in an urban/suburban area, had better access to charge stations, or drove less per day, I’d have gone electric.

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Sounds like you went with the Honda Accord hybrid.

Nope, went with an SUV, I need the space.