Employee performance data - shared

I have a general question that I am hoping ya’all might be able to provide your personal and professional opinions.

Does your work provide emails to your teammates that show each employee’s performance data in a graph format?

This graph shows everyone’s work performance, breaking it down for all to see for each teammates, hours worked, timeliness, efficiency, completed SUs, RZ rate. Lastly the graph shows the percentage of where you are ranked in your team.

Personally I am offended. I feel it publicly shames people and it’s a form of bullying.

What is your opinion?

Sounds like Perspecta, aka Keypoint. Years ago, they would just list everyone’s name with the raw data on a running list.

They still do, at least on my team. We usually get at least two emails a week showing first pass quality and important item timeliness for everyone on the team. We get daily emails for production for everyone on the team. Names are included on all of these emails.

It’s neither bullying or shaming. Numbers are numbers. Facts are facts.

I honestly do not care. I’m certainly not one of those FIs that get upset about stats and I certainly do not work past 5pm.


While you’re not wrong it’s also not necessary to broadcast that info to everyone. Imagine if your spouse cheated on you or your car got repo’d because you fell on hard times and someone brought it up on a daily/weekly basis. Facts are facts, right? While stats obviously aren’t on the same level as those issues some people clearly don’t like being reminded of the fact that investigators are nothing but numbers to the higher ups in the contracting world. I feel like end of month numbers with your SID or employee ID are more typical and understandable than weekly stats with names.

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Don’t they do this with sales people to try to ‘motivate’ them to perform better? And to warn the underperformers that they are falling behind?

If so then it is a bit troubling to see that they are resorting to these sorts of pressure tactics.

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In my neck of the woods I received two emails from the FTL.

The first is a general “team” performance list. Everyone’s percentages mashed together to form one measurement for each factor…

The second email is sent to the FI with the FIs stats alone. It will include a simple phrase of whatever the FTL is feeling about those stats and nothing more.

Oh BTW, instead of immediately training in-house staff for the newly awarded Excalibur contract, an announcement was sent asking us to speak to our colleagues to see if anyone out there has Excalibur experience - if so, you are in demand to be hired. So how’s that for paying attention to email? Consider my duty to read and pass on completed.


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Well I know it’s not my last vendor, because they’d only release the final stats 2-3 weeks after the end of the month. No month-to-date info.

Starting November I’m keeping track of every item transmitted to see if it matches the numbers from TL at the end of the month. I don’t trust anything this company claims and the fact I haven’t done this in the past shows just how gullible I’ve been. I recently found a glitch in their metrics that was shocking.

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And about the excaliber email…many are still on reduced hours so why would they ask for referrals when Investigators who have worked every contract under the sun for years are on reduced hours? Is anyone driving this ship or are we full throttle with nobody at the wheel? Hello anyone there?? Earth to management…come in management.

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I am beyond disappointment over that. Sure l understand hiring for the experience is helpful but as you mentioned so many are struggling for more hours and to be so callous with flaunting the additional work that’s being held beyond the current staff’s reach is just sad. If they quickly got training going instead of wasting time looking for and processing referrals the contract would be up and running with eagerness.

I’m sticking with the job for now for the gov work, so I keep my focus on that and try to not get lost in the weeds of company bureaucracy.

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