Employee privacy / performance

I have a general question that I am hoping ya’all might provide your personal and professional opinions.

Does your employer send out daily or weekly emails to your teammates, showing everyone’s performance data? Breaking down each investigator’s quality, timeliness, efficiency, hours worked, how many errors (RZ) you made. Lastly the graphs show where each team-member is ranked within their team.

Personally I am offended and feel that employees should have a level of privacy. I feel these emails publicly shames people that are on the lower end and is a form of bullying.

I agree. Public shaming is a great way to encourage bad behavior. There is an anonymous system (PSPTCA) that we can access that shows some sort of anonymous ranking but it seems very inaccurate. Years ago KGS used to do something similar with weekly emails but I believe it was squashed immediately for the reasons you mentioned. I don’t believe any capable human resources person would recommend this type of “public evaluation”. Some states labor laws might actually prohibit this behavior for privacy as you mentioned.

Does the email use employee names or just employee numbers? Using names is illegal but I’m unsure about numbers which I feel is wrong because everyone on a team knows each others numbers. People with high production almost always work off the clock. Low quality always depends on the level of issues on cases you receive. OH “and don’t work off the clock because they’ll terminate you”. What they really mean is don’t get caught working off the clock but you better get all the work done or everyone in the weekly email will know you’re a slacker or loser. It’s all a game.

The most recent email has the FI full names. Other emails showing current team and individual production numbers, SUs completed hours worked and team ranking just shows our SID, but we all can look up SID#s and get names.

I agree that a lot of FIs work off the clock. Those that do really set the bar for the rest of the team.

Yes, I think that is very a bad practice. My company used to just post your SID next to your stats but now they post names. My spouse works in HR for another company and said that practice is very antiquated and studies have proven this.

They should know better than that in this day and age. The good thing is your employer doesnt know what theyre doing which may be an advantage for you. In other words, youre playing chess with a kindergartener. Print and file for later reference.

I get what you’re putting down…

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I know I am the outlier based on the comments above but grow a pair! Bullying! Really. Maybe it’s time to find a new job.

Oh. I’ll gladly strap on “a pair” if and when the need arises.

It’s one of those situations where you have to be involved to really understand what’s happening.

Hands down agree with this statement Weeble. It’s indirectly encouraging people to work off the clock (but don’t get caught).

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Wells Fargo employees were “bullied and pressured” into opening more accounts and look what they did. Bad behavior creates bad tenuous situations were good and bad people find it easy to do unethical things.

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