How do Investigators deal with the lying politics of companies and company HR

The good ole boy system, HR, who you know not what you know and avoiding lawsuits.
Most people disciplined or fired at a company are done so for political reasons rather than being bad at their job. Management in 99% of all companies come up with any reason to get rid of someone who doesn’t kiss enough ass or do what the Romans do.
The best of the good ole boys will cover for each other in loyalty as well too.
PIP programs are just a way for managers and companies to avoid lawsuits.
How do investigators siphon through the imaginary world of corporate work and corporate politics of candidates.
No Meme answers please.

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It depends on the issues in the case and the employer.

I have a whole tool box of experience that i use, but only if necessary. I am not there for social justice or to prove innocence. I am there to determine risk, find issues and mitigating information. If it is only a minor issue and only the once time, I get the information, issue and any mitigating information then bounce.

If the issue is more serious, i dig for the issue/mitigating factors.

Normally, my case types allow a follow up interview (SPIN/TESI depends on your past) where the Subject is allowed to provide more information.

You learn your local employers that play the mean card all the time, part time, and rarely. You have to go into those interviews with preparation. You also learn how to ask questions that dig where needed.

My normal experience with employers is just the opposite though. Most try to avoid talking about the issues or the problems Subject created for themselves or the employer.

We report information from records and interviews, no more-no less. Anything other than than reporting exactly what’s said or read is falsification.

Same we deal with Subjects who spew sour grapes.

I don’t know what that means.

Thank you for the well informed articulate answer.
I always assume that since most of you investigators are working some kind of HR roll as contractors or what not, that you’d be pretty indoctornate by the system.
Have a great week.