Interview during adjudication

IC agency requesting an interview while in adjudication.

Could this just be information verification and mitigation of issues?

I did not receive a subject interview due to my investigation being piggybacked off of one I had 2 years ago.

They could be asking for clarification or if they need to throw your package back into the investigation part. I doubt it but let us know what happens.

WIll do. I don’t think they want to kick it back for an investigation because it has a deadline so they may just need some clarification since there is a lot of time between my last interview and now

Its amazing between times how people can and have screwed up. I heard stories of people in your circumstances that smoked Marijuana. I think they just want to see if you are willing to be candid if something comes up like a DUI or something else. The weird part is some candidates think they can get away by not telling…yet, their is a databank that has all their records stored. I wish you luck I really do!

Amazing how people can be so naive. I have a large resume of community service from being a firefighter so mitigation of anything shouldn’t be a problem. I plan on laying out all my adolescent delinquent behavior along with appropriate mitigation in a written report for them.

Community service most likely wouldn’t be able to mitigate financial concerns for example.

Precisely. Payment plans mitigate that; only a car and student loans on my end. Paid on time

Who’s being naïve? There IS something that they want clarification on. Maybe community service will help with mitigating factors but the truth is that you don’t know what they want to ask you about. Neither do we but you are asking here what it could be about?