equip for clinician IHS Much More Stringent

I went through an equip (don’t know the level of background check), for the dpt. of the army, civilian healthcare practitioner. It was pretty standard, just asking for employment, credit, criminal, etc.

Now I am going through the equip process for Indian Health Service and it is much more demanding, for the same job…

It’s asking for three references that know me, all of my foreign travel history, and all supervisor contact information.

The dpt. of the army only wanted contact info for past companies and would send paper inquiries. What is this all about? (I have also noticed that it has my past employment information I submitted with the first equip, and isn’t rewquiring me to put in said supervisor contact info, but it is for the new jobs I had to impute. What is happening?

I was new to civilian army, so did not know about the foreign travel restriction, and travelled outside the country for a few days each without permission, in addition to the copious amounts of vacation to south america before I was a federal employee. Will this be a problem?

What should I do? Also, what is the background investigation level and how can one find out? Is it possible to get a record of my past equip?