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Hello everyone, just wondering, when they say it’s about a 107 day turnaround for secret clearances, what are they referring to?

107 day turnaround from the time the of the TO, time e-qip was submitted, time a person was fingerprinted??? Like from which point?

It’s been since March 24 that I was interviewed from a BI. And I submitted his requests March 27. How much longer possibly?

Scholars have been puzzled for years trying to decipher the true meaning of those numbers. I think it is supposed to reflect the time from initial submission of forms to final clearance.

All it means is that it will probably take AT LEAST that long. In real-world terms that normal people can understand, seems like these things are taking 4-6 months now where four months would be a very quick case. A very few cases might go a bit faster while quite a few will take longer.

When you say you “submitted his requests” I take it that the investigator wanted some additional information? That could mean that there are some issues or it could be completely routine.

In other words, impossible to say how much longer. If you’re lucky maybe just a couple more weeks


Our “clock” does not start until the complete SCA submission is accepted.

The 107 days are calendar days, most likely for the fastest 90%.

If you spoke to an investigator for a Tier 3, yours is not one of the fastest Tier 3 cases. The additional time needed to completed your case depends on the reason you spoke to the investigator. Issues and concerns have to be investigated to the point the adjudicator can make a decision.


Yes, there were issues.

Thank you for your input.

Please tell me what an SCA submission is.

No one can give you an accurate estimate. My TS/SCI + CI poly took just over a year and a friends Secret took 2.5 years.

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Sorry. SCA is security clearance application.

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The SCA would be the time when I spoke or submitted documents to the BI? Or the fingerprinting phase that executes the whole background check?

When your application was accepted by the investigation service provider (DCSA, DHS, etc) which normally means when the questionnaire, fingerprints, and such are accepted by the investigation service provider.

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