Examples of Mitigating Personal Conduct Apply Here?

Seems like I’ve got two cases of the FSO leaving me with a head-scratcher. I first sent him an email with clarifications from my PSI that the investigator didn’t bring up but that I still wanted to highlight but after the interview. The FSO didn’t send it forward until I asked. Then, I asked him to send an updated version that I emailed him after I found out the investigator didn’t receive the email. Don’t know what happened to that one. There was also an entry in my SF-86 that looks different than the JPAS record I just saw. The FSO approved my language twice before my SF-86 was submitted and I’m certain he entered the issue into JPAS. I’d hate to get hit with a Personal Conduct violation over this when I wasn’t trying to hide anything. Looking at Personal Conduct mitigating criteria I think/hope these two would apply in these situations:

"(a) the individual made prompt, good-faith efforts to correct the omission, concealment, or falsification before being confronted with the facts;

(b) the refusal or failure to cooperate, omission, or concealment was caused or significantly contributed to by advice of legal counsel or of a person with professional responsibilities for advising or instructing the individual specifically concerning security processes. Upon being made aware of the requirement to cooperate or provide the information, the individual cooperated fully and truthfully;"

I’m not sure what they mean by prompt…would either one of these apply in this situation?