Misconduct At Last Job

i know SF86 asks if you have been reprimanded, suspended, etc at your previous jobs. I had an incident at my current job back in May 2018. I opened an electrical panel to look inside to investigate animal activity in the panel and did this on two occasions. After the second time, I reported the activity for safety reasons and found out opening the electrical panel was a safety violation. There was a large investigation into the matter and I didn’t disclose that I opened the panel twice. Two days after the investigation I came forward and amended my statement to include that I had opened the panel twice. I received a day off with no pay, I had to present what I had learned in front of the whole company at a safety meeting, I had to take and electrical safety class, and a letter was placed in my file. The letter states I had a safety violation and had falsified my initial statement but later came forward on my own to correct it.

I have a job offer currently where I need a clearance. Will this be a reason for denying a clearance?

This one incident alone does not sound like it would deny receiving a clearance. It was mitigated and you learned your lesson. The investigator will probably look to more sources to establish your trustworthiness since that may be called into question. Answer the question truthfully and provide details in the comment sections provided.

Not at all, misconduct in these cases are things like harassment, stealing, insubordination etc.

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I agree with “ipsecmerlin.” You shouldn’t have any issue with this. As long as there isn’t a pattern of this behavior or other glaring issues in your background you’ll be fine. I had a write-up for employment that was fairly recent and it was never mentioned in any investigation i’ve had.

A “safety” violation shouldn’t be much of an issue. You had a valid reason for looking into the panel (although I’m guessing it wasn’t part of your job duties) and didn’t know that it would be a violation.

BTW: If you can actually injure yourself by simply opening the panel, you must have some seriously poor electrical work in your building. If its a safety issue (440V, tri-phase or some other issue) the boxes should be secure.