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Warning long post, please give advice. Hello all, would really appreciate you taking your valuable time to read this and answer with what you think it be relevant. In June I accepted a position for a Dod contractor position. As an entry level investigator, they will send me to investigation school and I work for them for 3 years, then I will be able to leave without penalty. The position requires a TS (I currently have a public trust and work for a DOE contractor. Since submitting 86, I have had a chance in employment and might possibly me moving soon. Do I just address any changes to an investigator when I talk to them? I have not talked to one yet (I submitted the 86 in early July, I also submitted an 85-P in early august and was granted that on 19 for my current job.) Obviously my 86 is different than the 85-P with the job change.

I don’t believe I have any background issues that will cause any trouble. No legal problems, never used drugs, never drank, never been in trouble, only debt is student loans, 800 credit score etc. I do have a failed polygraph from a federal laws enforcement agency, where they accessed me of crime and deception etc, (CBP poly). I also admitted and filled out the sf-86 with a prescription misuse I had in either 2014 or 2015, I put it on the 86 because I couldn’t remember the exact date. I gave someone a pill out of my prescription I had for anxiety. It was a low-dose antihistamine. And will never do it again. I also had a workplace miscount issue at a job where I was suspended from the office for workplace misconduct. In a nutshell they asked me if I had ever had sex or had a relationship with someone in the office. Those answers were no, and the truth is I didn’t. And I never tried anything with anyone either. Apparently someone filed a complaint on me based on a conversation they apparently overheard. Apparently they went around and some people said I was inappropriate etc. I did place this on 86 in the comment section like it asked. That’s the only time in my life something like that ever happened to me. The employer never told me about the complaint or what was happening at all. Most of, if not all the information above is me guessing as well.

When I was brought back into the office, they told me my contract was not going to be renewed. And this non renewal was not because of any allegation of misconduct, just wanted to go in a different direction. They also said nothing was going to be on my HR record, and it would be clean. I have talked to HR and there is nothing on there. For my cause for termination it just says “non contract renewal”. There’s no investigation history, misconduct issue, or anything like that. My supervision at the time said if anyone ever asked I did a great job and they’d recommend me for any job, they just wanted to go in a different direction. I was honest about this on the 87, this also two years ago. I was embarrassed about it but I owned up to it. My past employers said I handled it well and shook their hands with pride and gave them no issues like I could have. I’m not sure what the issues or complaints held in value, but I remember them telling me that from what the limited knowledge they had 3-4 people complained about me being derogative or inappropriate throughout the year and some change I worked there.

And the person who finally complained and just wouldn’t let it go, so to please the accuser they decided not to renew my contract. One of the supervisors told me from his limited knowledge, that I was going to have to take a class on how to speak better to people in the workplace, and they didn’t want that on my record at all. I summarized this on the 86. I also consulted with a clearance attorney, who told me since nothing formal is on my record about the incident, I technically didn’t have to list it. I believe that I should have been led considerate and thoughtful towards peoples feelings and I apologize for that. But I listed it to show good faith throughout the process. My question is what does this wonderful group think my chances are of obtaining a clearance?
I understand chances are not accurate and it’s a case by case basis. I do have a small history of chasing after women some, but nothing ever criminal, just made some people uncomfortable I guess with my efforts. But I never have tried anything with anyone I worked with. I worked in college athletics and was around a lot of people and for those of you who know, the coworkers change quickly from year to year. But I know I probably rubbed some people the wrong way, but feel I was more than liked than anything. Also on the 86 I put more than 3 people who knew me well, I think I put 7-8. I was afraid this past issue would hurt me and tried to put more than 3 people who would vouch for my character. Any advice would be appropriate. Thanks ladies and gents. God speed.

All I can do is to reiterate my past experience, which I’ve related here on a few postings.
When I was being investigated for an IC internship years ago, I had no police record and perfect credit. All it took to derail my application were various derogatory comments made by coworkers at a part-time, near-minimum wage job I held while at school. This casual job in no way involved security clearances or classified documents.
My point here is that malicious, inaccurate, or untrue comments made by coworkers can indeed completely ruin a BI. You have to be aware of this, and also of the fact that informants can say pretty much whatever they want, since they are not under oath, nor will the applicant ever be afforded the opportunity to respond to any derogatory allegations obtained during the BI.

You need to get a life, instead of crying about something that happened 8 years ago.

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I’ve noticed that you don’t seem to have any problems asking questions about your own clearance process.
My response above was in response to a specific question from another reader asking for advice.

I think there is a difference between being denied a clearance and not being hired due to suitability issues. I also have read that the three letter agencies are tougher when it comes to suitability than other federal agencies.

Yes, that’s putting it mildly!

Would DOD be a 3 letter? Or do you mean fbi cia etc?

DCSA is known to use the "whole person"concept meaning an outlying derogatory event or comment should not derail your clearance because they look at all aspects of your life and don’t skew toward zero tolerance. However, the other agencies might have all sort of nitpicky things they can disqualify for. They are often competitive job positions and they can afford to look for and hire rainbow unicorns and get rid of anyone else who isn’t “unicorn” material.