Experian and Omniplex

I received a letter in the mail stating my credit report was purchased for resale to Omniplex International. I have ongoing BI’s with two different agencies right now (initial with Virginia, PR with Chantilly). Is there a way to tell which one requested it?

No there is not. You’ll find out once the Omni investigator contacts you for an investigation.

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Thanks! I have a feeling it’s the former of the two I mentioned. I spoke with my adjudicator for the latter of the two last Monday and she said she didn’t have a definitive timeline, but was prioritizing my case (I’ve been in PR for over two years now with them) and will have it done by the end of the calendar year. They ran my credit about this time last year and that was the only notice I received from Experian.

Just found out that it was the Virginia agency that looked into my credit report. Even though I’m not adjudicated yet, I did enter into continuous eval with them last December. This was part of my continuous eval. I also found out that I’ve been assigned a case manager (not sure how long ago) and am pending adjudication. I wouldn’t expect to hear anything more any time soon. They apparently have a backup of 13k people awaiting briefings.