Experience with Multiple Poly's - TS

Has anyone ever heard of taking 5 polys for a clearance? I am going to take my fifth one in Sept for a IC agency in MD and was wondering if this is a good or bad sign? (contractor position)

Side note: so can you still get cleared even with inconclusive and or failed results?
(Use of Polygraph Countermeasures Results in Clearance Denial - DOHA Dose - ClearanceJobs)
“Security Executive Agent Directive 4 actually outlines that a clearance can’t be denied on the sole basis of a failed polygraph: “No adverse action concerning these guidelines may be taken solely on the basis of polygraph examination technical calls in the absence of adjudicatively significant information.””


Yeah, I’ve heard of it. Can’t say it is a good sign but at least they’re still calling you back.

As far as getting cleared with “inconclusive” results, I personally have not heard of this (everyone I know has always walked out of the poly knowing they either passed or had to come back) but some have reported otherwise.