Expiration date of my security clearance

On June 2019, I was granted a secret security clearance, but on July 2019 my employment was terminated by the Agency. The Agency’s proffered reason for terminating my employment is unsatisfactory performance, which is not true.

My position was a 2 year training position. March 2019 through July 2019, my supervisor and the Agency denied me training and subjected me to bullying and hostile after they realized that I have 2 EEO Cases pending with the Agency in a different state.

However I complained that my colleagues and management about the Agency’s unfair treatment, and unfortunately my supervisor falsified unsatificatory performance appraisal and removed from the job without any warning.

My supervisor lied that he warned and counseled me more than once, but I didn’t improved my performance. On August 2019, I hired an attorney and filed EEO Complaint against the Agency in retaliation for my protected activity. Currently we are at the EEO informal process.


  1. How long will it take my security clearance to expire if I don’t get a job that requires security clearance?

  2. If my security clearance expires while still remains unemployed or working on a job that requires no security clearance?

  3. If I re-apply for my security clearance, will it still be re-investigated? If yes how long will re-investigation takes to be completed?

  4. If my security clearance expires, do I need to get new job that requires security clearance to re-apply for security clearance?