Expired DOD rapidgate

does a DOD rapidgate pass have an assigned clearance level ? I am applying to DOD and DOS subcontractors and am being asked what level of clearance it is…The card expired in Oct 2014 and am wondering if you have an opinion as to the possibillity that this previous clearance might increase my chances of being sponsored for a Secret by DOD subcontractor ?

RAPIDGATE/RAPIDSCAN as I recall was simply vetting the current VCIN status, meaning criminal records, not clearance. Some bases opted for a program called DBIDS as well. f you previously filled out an SF86 for a position, or Equip, you likely had a Clearance Eligibility, generally shorthand referred to as “having a clearance.”

Thank You. I appreciate that info. Would you object to me forwarding your response to the HR department at PAE ? I am early in the process of being considered for a position at the US Embassy in Baghdad and they are requesting info as to the nature of the DOD card issued to me that expired in 2014…PAE,of course, has their own experts for this. This is only for the recruiter there…

NY did you mean to repost this here?

I repost by mistake. My fault.