Failed to enter part time employment

Hi ,
I need some opinions if you guys can help. I submitted my eQip for Public Trust as a contractor. I failed to enter part time remote job that I started few months ago that I do in addition to my FT job with a company that is sponsoring me. Now I received SOR and asking me to explain why I didn’t provide part time job information. Please advise


If you simply forgot to enter it, just say so. You’re human. Mistakes happen. Not a big deal.

If you didn’t enter it intentionally for some reason then in the words of Ricky Ricardo you’ve some ‘splaining to do.

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As long as it the job doesn’t appear to be something that you might want to hide, you should be fine. Just explain that you misunderstood.

Things get missed on these forms all of the time.

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Wait…SOR…so you were denied a clearance, this was the SOR and the only question they had was this part time job? Are you positive it was a SOR? Or was it just a follow up requiring more info?

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Amber, I am thinking the same thing… I dont think Public Trust position issues a SOR, but I could be mistaken.

I highly doubt a missed part time job would be an issue unless as Ed said it was part time drug dealer or something you want hidden. Sometimes after all these years even I misuse terms generically, but they have specific meaning and that can confuse all of us.