Fake ID in college


I am currently a college student interested in a career requiring security clearance. Freshman year, I bought a fake ID (unsure where it was purchased from) so I could go to some of the local bars. I only used it for like 6 months and then I destroyed it because I didn’t want a stupid night out in college to cost me my future. I was never caught with it, nor do I have any kind of alcohol related issue on my record. I have stopped drinking since then as well. In security clearance tests do they ask you about fake IDs? If so would that get someone disqualified from gaining clearance at all? Lastly, because I was not caught with it, could admitting it to the interviewer bring later criminal charges?


The only way it would ever come up is if you were to be in a position that requires a polygraph. Even then, as long as you are honest about it if asked, it will not be an issue because of your age and environment at the time. Information disclosed on a background investigation cannot be used in criminal proceedings.