FBI Agent Check?


I have a quick question for anyone who might know. Recently my investigator told me my case was going to be sent to adjudication, however I spoke to lady in the DOE security office and she looked into my case.

She told me that the field work was done and since it was a contractor who did it, his stuff was reviewed likely but my investigation is still open. She said all my entire case lacks is an “FBI agent to go over it”? I was not sure what she meant but it sounds like the NAC check that goes along with every case. She also said after this then the entire case will be reviewed for completeness before it is sent to DOE adjudicators.

The women went on to say that my case is in the “home stretch now” and looks like there is weekly activity in my case and it should be sent over to DOE any day now.

So my question again to anyone who might know… what is the FBI Agent check she is talking about? I understand the overall case review but not sure about the FBI as it seems that is something that would have been done at the beginning.


Sounds like in this case, it’s probably just a matter of semantics?

I don’t understand why an FBI agent would “go over your case” unless you were applying for the FBI…

Or, perhaps, it is being reviewed for material falsification? Were you completely honest about everything?

Terminology gets lost in translation. Investigators on the case have no say so as to when the case closes as they have visibility only on the items they are responsible for. Once all case items that are scheduled have been completed the case reviewer for the contractor company that is responsible for the investigation submits it to OPM. More than likely, the FBI name check is holding it up because if a common name gets a hit then the FBI has to manually assign it to get cleared by an agent,