FBI national criminal history check

I have been offered a tentative offer pending clearance of a FBI national criminal history check for a public trust position with the us government. I have never been arrested, done drugs, etc. I was involuntarily committed three years ago for depression which resulted in an attempted suicide attempt resulting from my wife divorcing me and leaving me with nothing. I have since been released after being there for 8 months. Lot of red tape releasing me. But since then I work full time see a psychiatrist and therapist and take medication for the depression. My psychiatrist said I am good and would not be a security concern. Would the involuntary commitment show up on the FBI national criminal history check an of so would it stop me from getting the public trust position considering I have a doctor who will vouch for me. Thanks.

I can tell you for a Security Clearance (different) it would be reported and scoped. Marko can you chime in on the SF85 info required? I know for clearances if the situation is under control and it sounds like it is, there is no problem. Having gone through a traumatic divorce myself, and using medication during the suffering, I empathize with what that feels like.

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Hey just curious any luck with your clearance?