Finally passed poly - how long are we thinking for adjudication?

I recently passed an IC poly on the third attempt. The examiner said he was going to submit his report the day or the test. Also, my background investigation was submitted in April.


Thats great news, congrats!

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You probably have at least 2 months flat before you would hear anything. You most likely have about 2 to 6 months of waiting. It could be longer depending on how complicated your background is. Only you know what is and is not in your background.

Could be tomorrow, could be in two years.

Welcome to the waiting game.

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Very easy background. It seems like they want to fill the position, so hopefully soon than later.

Tomorrow would be nice.

Haven’t heard two years but did recently hear of a case where it was about a year.

On the other hand, another person recently got their access approved within a few days.

No rhyme or reason to this process.