First-time infraction help


I have a TS/SCI (no poly) and am not / was never read-in to a program that required it yet. About 3 months after I received my clearance, I was international and smoked what would be an illegal substance in the USA (hashish). A year later, when updating my form for being read-in to a program, I declared my error and an SBPR was created, and my SCI access was debriefed based on the customers requested.

I guess i’m trying to understand if I will have a favorable adjudication or not? It was the first time I had ever done any drugs and indicated as such in my SF86. Also, if favorable, would this effect my ability to be read-in to any programs in the future?

Thanks for any help

From what you stated you still have a TS clearance? Or was that withdrawn as well? You used illegal drugs while in a cleared status which is a serious offense. Then you failed to report it until you were about to be read in for SCI access, which compounds the issue. I would not be surprised if your access is suspended and/or revoked unless you can come up with some mitigating circumstances regarding your behavior, but it all depends on the agency that granted your clearance and their stance on one-time drug use while in a cleared status.

Thanks for the insight.

I currently still have the clearance still, but apparently it shows up that I have an SBPR ongoing on my record (per my FSO) in JAPS. If it helps clarify, my action was done in a country where the drug offense IS legal. My FSO seemed to indicate that this isn’t too horrible (relatively speaking) and that they don’t think I will have my clearance revoked, but I’m certainly looking for a second opinion.