Forclosure reporting incorrectly

Scenario: In process of getting a clearance for a position in ICE. Received notice that I have 10 days to show remedy of a negative mark on my credit. Several years ago, I purchased a home with a 80/20 (both of these mortgages where used as “purchase money”). The house was foreclosed and the law states that a second mortgages which was used for “purchase money” has no recourse when foreclosed. Yet the lender transferred the “20” to a subdivision and is showing as delinquent on my credit.

I don’t expect the security officer to understand all the laws and rules but there is no way to have this disputed within 10 days time. The security person insist I show documentation of remedy. There is no remedy since this is being miss reported. Would a letter from a real-state lawyer be valid?

If you have sought a legal remedy to the debt then that can be used as mitigation, but you have to take the initiative on your own and follow through on getting it resolved. Walking away is not acceptable. Legal counsel can get you started in the right direction.