Foreign Influence Question

I was reading some DOHA cases where most people were getting SOR based on their interaction with foreigners, I listed every contact that I know and talked to on yearly basis. Two of them are my cousins and two them are my childhood friends. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother who are resident of Pakistan which I listed them also and talk to them quarterly. I do not send money to anyone or send any gifts to them. I only talk to my friends once in a year about their well being. Investigator asked me if I ever tell them that I am going to be working for a government and I said no I told them that I work as an Uber driver. Based on the information would I be getting an SOR in upcoming days?

I can only offer one case, where a guy whose mother still lives in Tehran was able to get a secret clearance. He has never been back to visit since the revolution.

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@khan007, you might have to gradually cut down all contacts with the friends. However, in regards to your siblings, you may have to make it clear to the investigator that they will have no influence on you in regards to your loyalty to the US. Moreover, that you will not be coerced into something nefarious against the US if someone threatened to harm your siblings.

I already had my interview 10 weeks ago. My investigation has been closed like 3 weeks ago.

Ah! I was not aware of the latter info.

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Simply telling the investigator that your foreign siblings (or parents) living in a foreign country will have no influence on you is not enough to mitigate this issue. Especially since you have close and continuing contact. The investigator will report your remarks but the issue still remains for the adjudicator to ponder…

My parents lives in U.S. just only siblings and they are coming to United States as well in a year to become permanent resident.