Former Political Affiliations

Will former (over ten years ago) affiliation with Communist Party USA and Socialist Workers Party be an issue on the background check? The SF86 form just asks about groups advocating the violent / forceful overthrow of the government, which I did not understand to be endorsed by either group, but I still disclosed the affiliation on the form in the interest of absolute candor. It was in late high school and early college. Needless to say, it was an indiscretion and I haven’t had any connection / interaction with either group for over ten years.

Issue, yes. Instant dis-qualifier - no.

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Thanks for the response! Glad it isn’t fatal, at least. I’m assuming the passage of time and rejection of those belief mitigates?

I think we all can understand a whole lot of stupid happens in college. Things sounding wonderful then…not so much in rear view mirror. Fully disclose and tell them your world view changed. Be honest about any connections you maintain if any. Otherwise I think you are okay.

You don’t say what level of clearance you are applying for . . . The CPUSA has been run directly from Moscow and could certainly be a problem. The SWP, I know less about . . .