Reporting on SF-86C for SCI


I was denied an FS/Poly with reason that I showed concern on two things, which I did not put on SF-86 but voluntarily told the polygraph-er. I passed the polygraph but was not granted the FS clearance. One of the objection in my SOR was that I did not dreport my previous marriage on SF-86, which happened 24 years ago, the second was that I did not mentioned the name change of my brother on SF-86 who had previously worked with a foreign intelligence for 6 months and then moved to UK and now was a UK resident. Again this information was 15 year old so I did not report it on SF-86. Now my question to you is that I have to fill SF-86C for an SCI , do I need to report these two issues as a change ?


It seems as though you answered your own question in your statement. Not everything on the SF-86 is limited to a 10 year reporting period, in fact there are many questions that exceed that timeframe. The items you mentioned should have been listed on your original paperwork.


The security just send me a part of SF-86 C, which is basically to list any changes from those reported on the original SF-86. These two points are not a change but were not listed on the original. If I list them now, wouldn't this be a contradiction to the information on the oriiginal SF-86 I am really confused, can you please give me some clarity on this.