Found out about collections

I’m undergoing an investigation for a DoD TS.

I just recently found out about a $70 charge that was put in collections from a car tax in 2018, which I promptly took care of and paid in full. I had moved from one county to another county during the year and I believe the car tax was mailed to the old address.

I informed the investigator that I had just found out and taken care of it also.

The situation is that I had marked “No” on my SF86 which I had submitted a few months prior, because I didn’t know about it.

The collection agency also said it isn’t reported to the credit reporting agencies.

Is this going to be an issue otherwise?

The interview report should offer the mitigation information needed for situation explanation. I believe you can provide the investigator with a copy of your payment which would be used as a financial document attachment for the report.

The item will most likely remain on your credit report but by now or soon to be shown as a paid collection.

You probably should list this issue on your next SF form if another investigation takes place within the next seven to ten years. You should not need to discuss it during an interview but if questioned just mention the issue was reviewed during your 2020 interview as being discussed and resolved

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