From Interim Clearance to TS

Hi everyone, I am new here. I have a question: I was granted a secret interim clearance for a position I was overqualified for. My recruiter recommended upgrading me to TS. I agreed with that since that comes with higher clearance and better pay. He said that will request a polygraph test. I have been waiting for two months. After talking to the recruiter after two months of waiting, he said the government requires full investigation prior to being able to get you a Polygraph slot. I only had interim clearance. He said that this is a new requirement.

my question is: Can you apply for interim secret clearance to TS with Polygraph? or do you have to have a full clearance before requesting TS polygraph?

I think in this particular case they will want to see the first investigation (for the secret clearance) complete before proceeding. It is possible that the investigation done for the secret will also suffice for the TS (but I really dont know how this works even if they are both “Tier 5” investigations).

Be advised that HR types (including recruiters) rarely seem to have a good understanding of security processes.

They are both Tier 5 investigations. I am upset that the recruiter forward me for TS before completing my secret clearance. And I wasted two months of waiting. But you could be right, it is grey area, it is possible to go from Interim secret to full TS. But it depends on the content of the application and the investigator.