FYI - OPM is on a hiring blitz

Check usajobs, search by occupational series 1810 to see all positions open throughout country.

No veterans preferance currently in this hiring authority so it is a good chance for contractors wanting to become Fed who don’t have a military background.

Also heard OPM will be hiring throughout the year, so check often.

Good luck everyone.

I was interviewed by opm for a local Washington, DC position in September 2014. I got the not selected email in December 2014. Yesterday I just got a call from them asking if i was still interested. Fingers crossed.

Fed Investigator, do you know how long until you may get a call after an interview?


I applied for an investigator position in September. I was interviewed in October. I got a not selected email in December. I then got a call from the SAC who interviewed me in January asking if I was still interested in the position and i said yes. Two weeks later i was contacted by Boyers HR and offered the job. I had to complete a drug test and fingerprint cards again. In early March I was contacted and cleared by security. I go for training in April.

Best of luck to you.

Sorry Ninja, no idea what the turn around time is. I do know hiring is happening faster than I’ve ever seen it.

Positions on usajobs are only being announced for two or three days before closing, so check often!

Mdcontinv and Fed, thanks for response. I applied, got interviewed and learned others got the spots. Heard other spots may open up but not sure. So many people applied. Crazy.


Which area did you apply for that the spots have now been filled? DC/VA or another location?


New positions are opening up all the time but they are not resisting them some of them. One co worker of mine applied at the same time I did back in 09/2014 and two weeks ago she got a call seeing if she was still interested even though they sent her the not selected email in 12/2014. She only applied one time. It was for an office in the Metro dc area. And there were five new openings for the office but more were going to be opening up according to the SAC that called her.

It was for a VA position not located near DC. I’ll just have to wait and keep fingers crossed. Amazing the person not selected got a call back as you would think they would want larger pool of applicants unless they kept info on applicants for future selections.

That’s interesting…I interviewed for a position here in the DC area back in early February and still haven’t heard back yet. I e-mailed the HR dept on last week and was told they’re still in the process of making selections.

Should take 2 weeks from the closing date for you to hear something. If your area is anything like mine, there were hundreds of folks who applied. Imagine weeding through all those applications!

I hear there are about 200 applicants per OPM special agent opening. Everyone desperate to depart KPGS and caci, it appears. However, better be a war vet. Otherwise, minimal chance.

More hiring coming up in October. Keep checking, those who are interested.

New postings went out today for openings all over the country.

My inside informant for OPM told me it’s Veteran’s Preference only… at least for the position in my locality.

So far, it seems like most are for current feds only. If you search for 1810 on usajobs and select federal employees option a lot more openings are shown. And yes, all are part of the normal hiring process, that includes vets preferences.

How was the training? I heard al lot of individuals aren’t passing. Given its open book, what’s causing people to fail? I will soon be starting my training; however it really makes me nervous hearing all these stories about the training being so difficult. Can anyone help me out with regards to what to expect? I already have a TS and just waiting on my final job offer–i received my tenative offer already and complete my urinalysis yesterday…


Hopefully OPM investigator hiring is exempt from the freeze! Have you heard anything about that?