General Practitioner stated my taking SSRI impairs judgment

So I’m in month 19 of adjudication. Been in there since May. At that point they requested more information about my mental health situation, which I had been completely upfront with the entire process, explained to the polygraph examiner and the background investigator. But, one of my general practitioners (who literally only gives me the prescription for my anti-depressant) stated on the form they give that it DOES impair my judgment (stating she legally had to because ???) but said my medicine and diagnosis is completely manageable and without any issue. Should I expect a denial or anything anytime soon on this, since it’s been 6+ months since adjudication even came back to me? I’ve almost entirely given up and am applying to graduate schools to keep my life moving forward.

I’ve heard of folks having an interview with a mental health specialist. They might ask you to do that. But really, these SSRIs (Prozac, Zoloft, others too new to keep track of) are so common that I can’t imagine they would have any serious concerns.

I take an SSRI also. I was told by my investigator if this exact situation occurred they would request all the doctors documents and have some other special investigator review the doctors documents and come to their own decision. I agree with sbusquirrel this will only delay the processes.

See that’s what I figured, but since it’s taken so long I’d begun to question if my GP putting that the SSRI impairs my judgment has impacted my clearance at all. I’d be totally willing to just do an interview, but no one has gotten back to me in half a year now.