Goodbye Federal Soup

Judging by the number of posts I’ve seen appearing both here and on the Federal Soup forums, I’d say a number of people visit both sites.

But today I tried to go to the Federal Soup forums and got a page saying that the site had been shut down, presumably taking the forums with it.

I might have known something was up when they let their certificate expire back in November and never renewed it.

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Indeed, the once popular Federal Soup forum (formerly at appears to be defunct.

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A few weeks ago, when I attempted to log into Federal Soup, I received a pop-up warning that the site was “unsafe” from a computer security standpoint!

It really is a shame. I was on that site for a long, long time and there was a WEALTH of knowledge there. You could learn more about the disability, grievance, and retirement processes on Fed Soup than what is contained in all of Google, much less asking a CPAC advisor who’d simply send you a 120 page pamphlet to read. Yes, there was some drama on the site, but it was easy to avoid once you knew what to look out for. Overseas employees regularly stated they got more info about their benefits on Fed Soup than they got from CPAC, and I regularly saw people give thanks for getting life-changing advice there.

None of us are “owed” anything, but: it would have been nice to have a bit of notice instead of a full-stop chop. That way those of us who were willing could exchange email addresses. That one poster, frankgonzalez–he was amazing at answering HR questions! Hate that I don’t have him as a resource any longer :pensive:.

I’m getting the sense there is a need for a forum on federal employment issues, no other alternatives exist?

If there is one, I dont know of it!

Not that I know of, at least for general federal employment. forums[.]officer[.]com is a wealth of knowledge for law enforcement and law enforcement support positions (1811, 0083, 1801, 1810, 0007, etc); but not sure about general federal employment. Maybe Reddit?

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Fedsoup was a great resource fornsure. Would be great to recreate something like that here.

Only reddit. Can such a forum be implemented here?
Adding all the agencies/departments as categories so people can post timelines and such?

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One problem FedSoup had, and could never really stamp out, was some sick perverted folks (probably one person) posting some absolutely horrific stuff. Their admins weren’t very active (seemed to log on once a week maybe) and it is possible that this was one reason it was shut down. Clearancejobs doesnt have anything resembling this problem.


My bet is the Government didn’t like the posts … so the Government bought the site and shut it down. You laugh … but stranger things have happened!

2 Likes can provide some info. for jobs involving clearances/polygraphs, but going there incurs some risks since that site is (undoubtedly) monitored by the IC and LE.